International Women’s Day – why didn’t have Men’s day?

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It is meaningless to fix one day of the year as Women’s Day as women all over the world are in a continuous battle within the society. Each and everyday should be celebrated as Women’s Day. On the occasion of Women’s Day some women are expressing their views on  what Women’s Day means to them.
March 8th is International Women’s day. What does it really mean? Is it a day when by some unspoken signal women are given their rightful place in society? I wish there was some way in which we could check how many less dowry deaths there were; or how many men decided not to hit their wives; or how many more girls were encouraged to get an education… The list is legion. Are women a downtrodden, subjugated, inferior class that they need a special day assigned to them so that people will remember that they exist?

What happens on Women’s Day? Are all mothers given the day off from their parenting duties? Do their husbands and children pause a moment to think about what their wives and mothers do for them on a daily basis? Is this the appointed day for them to show their appreciation? Is this just a day for feminists to climb on to their soapboxes and roll out their tired speeches on women’s right? Is this just another opportunity for men to complain that now women even have a special day assigned to them?

It is meaningless to fix one day of the year as Women’s Day if, in reality, for every one step women take forward, they take two steps back. Every day, womenall over the world win battles in their daily lives and they don’t stop to celebrate. They just put their heads down and battle on.

We spoke to some women to see what Women’s Day means to them.

Megha Kulkarni: “I didn’t even know that it’s Women’s Day. But if it is, what’s the difference? I don’t get a holiday.”

Payal Aggarwal: “I think every day is women’s day.”

Renuka Pinto: “I think it’s well deserved after all the trials and tribulations that women have gone through all these years.”

Maya Sundaram: “I think having a special day for women is just an excuse for all the so-called women’s activists and feminists to conduct seminars and make speeches airing their useless views. What have they really achieved? Dowrydeaths, female infanticide, domestic violence, illiteracy…all these things are still happening. What has been done about these things? When we see a change in all this, then we’ll have something to celebrate.”

Kaushali Desai: “I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen on Women’s Day. As far as I’m concerned, I just know that it’s today, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about it.”

Celine Collaco: “I know that I’m going to have a nice time. My children have persuaded my husband that he must take me out for a romantic dinner to celebrate Women’s Day.”

Shweta Gupta (name changed): “My mother-in-law expects me to do all the housework even though we can afford to keep a servant. She still complains that my parents did not give enough dowry at the time of my wedding. Nothing I do can ever satisfy her. As long as women continue to be their own worst enemies, having International Women’s Day makes no sense.”

Niharika Kabra: “My father left me a flat in his will. My brother refuses to move out claiming that I have no property rights because I’m a woman. And the sad part is that even my mother supports him. So what are we talking about Women’s Day?”

The fact is that both men and women are people and if you’re going to have a Women’s Day, you might as well have a Men’s Day. – because it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

So here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Day!

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