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Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Prepare and Operate all injection molding machines for efficient production.
2. Install injection molds and set injection parameters according to the standards.
3. Solve molds problems and operations challenges.
4. Liaise with maintenance in charge to solve break-downs problems.
5. Supervise injection molding team and make sure all are performing their duties as requested.
6. Follow up on production plans and struggle to achieve the production schedule.
7. Make sure safety procedures are implemented.
8. Make sure quality procedures are implemented.
9. Make sure all work areas are clean, neat and everything in its original place.
10. Perform daily check-up for the machine, water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and filters cleaning.
11. Prepare production reports and in-line QC reports.
12. Attend production problems and solve technical issues.
13. Prepare the mold initial running checklist for new mold installation.
14. Make sure production reports and parameters are been filled as requested.
15. Make sure product are confirming to the required standard.
16. Make sure that the machines are running with targeted capacity.
17. Follow up on the cleanness of the production area.
18. Make sure that the rejected materials are weighed and transferred to the crushing area.
19. Validate the product quantity and follow up on the transfer to the Stores.
20. Make sure that each box has specification sticker.
21. Make sure all labors are wearing their uniform and safety shoes.
22. Check the mold status before and after molding and make sure storing of the mold is done in proper way.
23. Prepare maintenance request for any mold or machine problem/damage.
24. Make sure all non-confirmed parts are isolated and marked with red

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